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The definition of High-TG PCBs

2024-01-29 00:00:00

The definition of High-TG PCBs:

High-TG PCBs, or high glass transition temperature PCBs, are circuit boards engineered to withstand elevated temperatures without compromising their structural integrity or functionality. The "TG" refers to the temperature at which the material transitions from a solid to a rubbery state, and surpassing this temperature can detrimentally affect the PCB's performance. Opting for high-TG materials becomes crucial when PCBs are subjected to prolonged high-temperature environments.

High-TG PCBs typically possess glass transition temperatures exceeding 170°C, considerably higher than standard PCB materials which usually have TG values around 140°C and can endure working temperatures of 110°C. However, in demanding applications such as industrial, automotive, and high-temperature electronics, standard PCBs may not suffice. In such cases, FR4 material, known for its higher thermal resistance, becomes the preferred choice.

When selecting a PCB, it's essential to ensure that the TG value exceeds the expected operating temperature by at least 20-25°C. For instance, if the PCB's TG value is 170°C, the working temperature of the device should ideally remain below 150°C.

The importance of high-TG PCBs:

High-TG PCBs offer superior performance and stability at elevated temperatures, making them ideal for high power density designs. Higher TG values translate to increased heat resistance, chemical resistance, and mechanical stability in electronic devices.

These PCBs excel in heat dissipation, particularly in multi-layered and HDI PCB configurations where component density is high, and circuits are compact. Efficient heat control ensures the reliability of products during operation, especially in demanding environments.

Long-term operation of electronics generates heat, which can adversely affect durability and performance. High-TG PCBs provide cost-effective solutions for managing thermal issues in applications with size and weight constraints, improving overall efficiency.

Minintel specializes in offering FR4 and other high-TG PCB options tailored to meet specific project requirements. Whether you're uncertain about the need for high-TG PCBs or have other concerns, Minintel's professional engineers are available to analyze your project and provide appropriate recommendations.