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I. Introduction to CQC Certification
China Quality Certification Centre (CQC for short) is the largest professional certification body in China. With branches both at home and abroad, CQC is the earliest and most authoritative certification body in China for quality certification work. Its main businesses include: undertaking the national mandatory product certification (CCC) work authorized by the government, covering over one hundred types of products such as product safety, performance, environmental protection, organic products, and more.

CQC Mark Certification is one of the voluntary product certification services offered by China Quality Certification Centre. It indicates that the product meets relevant certification requirements in terms of quality, safety, performance, electromagnetic compatibility, etc., by applying the CQC mark. The scope of certification covers more than 500 types of products, including mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, electrical appliances, electronic products, textiles, building materials, and more. CQC Mark Certification focuses on indicators that directly reflect product quality and affect the personal and property safety of consumers, such as safety, electromagnetic compatibility, performance, and limits of harmful substances (RoHS). Its aim is to safeguard consumer interests, promote product quality improvement, and enhance the international competitiveness of domestic enterprises.

II. Certification Marks

CQC Certification Application.png

III. Certification Standards

Product Safety Standards
Power Supply Information Technology ITE Power Supply GB 4943
Audio-Video AV Power Supply GB 8898
Lighting Fixture Power Supply GB 19510.1,GB 19510.14
Household Appliances Power Supply GB 4706.1
Medical Power Supply GB 9706.1
Industrial Power Supply (Electronic Transformer) GB 4706.1
End Products Information Technology ITE Products GB 4943
Audio-Video AV Products GB 8898
Lighting Fixture Products GB 7000-1,GB 7000.XXX
Household Appliances Products GB 4706.1,GB 4706.XX
Industrial (Transformer) Products GB 19212.1,GB 19212.XX
Electric Tools Products GB 4706.1,GB 4706.XX
Batteries Consumer Batteries GB 31241,GB/T 35590,SJ/T 11796,GB 40165
Power Batteries GB 38031,GB/T 31484,GB/T 31486,GB/T 31467.1
GB/T 31467.2,GB/T 31467.3,GB/T 36276
GB/T 36672,GB/T 36972,GB/Z 18333.1
QB/T 2947.3
Electric Vehicles Electric Bicycles and Personal Electric Vehicles GB 17761,GB/T 34667,GB/T 34668,CQC 1125


Products Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards
Information Technology ITE/Audio-Video AV Products GB/T 9254.1,GB/T 9254.2,GB 17625.1,CNS 15936
Lighting Fixture Products GB/T 17743,GB/T 18595,GB 17625.1,CNS 14115
Home Appliances Products GB 4343.1,GB 17625.1,GB 17625.2,CNS 13783-1
Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Products GB 4824,GB 17625.1,GB 17625.2,CNS 13803
Battery Category GB/T 17799.1,GB/T 17799.2,GB 17799.3,GB 17799.4