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FCC Certification Application_FCCx3e

I. Introduction to Certification

FCC, full name Federal Communications Commission, is a regulatory agency in the United States that ensures the safety of radio and wire communication products related to life and property.

II. Certification Mark

FCC Certification Application FCC7u2

III. Types of Certification

       1、FCC SDOC Supplier's Declaration of Conformity

       2、FCC CERTIFICATION ID Certification

IV. Scope of Products

       1、FCC SDOC: Applicable to general electronic products without wireless functions, such as displays, lighting fixtures, power supplies, household appliances, etc.

       2、FCC ID: Wireless products, including Bluetooth devices, tablets, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, wireless readers, wireless transceivers, wireless intercoms, wireless microphones, remote controls, wireless network devices, wireless video transmission systems, and other low-power wireless products, as well as 2G, 3G, 3.5G mobile phones, DECT phones (1.8G, 1.9G bands), wireless intercoms, etc.

V. Certification Standards

Product Testing Standards 
Information Technology ITE Category/Audio-Video Power Supply/Products FCC PART 15B
Lighting Products FCC PART 15B,FCC PART 18
Home Appliances FCC PART 15B
Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Products FCC PART 18
Energy Storage Products FCC PART 15B
Wireless Products FCC PART 15C/15E,FCC PART 22/24/27

VI. Test Items

        1、FCC SDOC Certification

              Conduction and Radiation

        2、FCC ID Certification

             Conducted Emission, Radiated Emission, Maximum Output Power, 20db Bandwidth, Channel Spacing, Frequency Hopping Channel Count, Dwell Time, Sideband, Antenna Requirements, etc.

VII. Required Materials

1、FCC SDOC Certification
     (1) The responsible party (manufacturer or importer) shall conduct tests on the product through a testing institution to generate a test report.
     (2) After the product passes the test, the corresponding labels and warning messages shall be affixed to the product, and a statement about compliance with FCC standards shall be declared in the user manual.
     (3) Provide a declaration of conformity document from a local supplier in the United States.

2、FCC ID Certification
     (1) The responsible party (manufacturer or importer) shall conduct tests on the product through an FCC-approved testing institution and generate a test report.
     (2) Complete the TCB Form 731 based on the test results.
     (3) In addition to the above,  also needs to provide relevant product information, including:

      • User Manual

      • Block Diagram

      • Description of the Product's Working Principle

      • Circuit Schematic Diagram

      • FCC Confidentiality and Authorization Letter

      • Product Nameplate and other relevant materials.