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Inductors are fundamental passive components in electronic circuits, characterized by their ability to store energy in a magnetic field when current flows through them. They play a crucial role in various applications such as filtering out unwanted signals, managing power conversion in switching circuits, and forming resonant circuits with capacitors. Inductors come in different forms, from simple air-core coils to complex ferrite-core inductors, each designed to meet specific frequency ranges and current handling capabilities. Their versatility makes them indispensable in the design and functionality of modern electronics.

    Inductors can be classified into various categories based on different characteristics. Here are some major classifications:

    By construction:

    • Wirewound Inductors
    • Non-wirewound Inductors, including Multilayer Chip Inductors, Printed Inductors, etc.
    • Fixed Inductors
    • Adjustable Inductors

    By operating frequency:

    • High Frequency Inductors
    • Medium Frequency Inductors
    • Low Frequency Inductors

    By application:

    • Oscillator Inductors
    • Correction Inductors
    • Deflection Inductors for CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes)
    • Choke Coils
    • Filter Inductors
    • Isolation Inductors
    • Compensation Inductors

    By magnetic core properties:

    • Air-core Coils
    • Ferrite Core Coils
    • Iron Core Coils
    • Copper Core Coils

    By winding structure:

    • Single-layer Coils
    • Multi-layer Coils
    • Honeycomb Coils

    By packaging form:

    • Through-hole Inductors
    • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Inductors

    By coupling type:

    • Self-inductors
    • Mutual Inductors

    By core material:

    • Ferrite Core Inductors
    • Powdered Iron Core Inductors
    • Amorphous Core Inductors

    Minintel can customize inductors according to your product’s specific application needs. For instance, high-frequency applications may require low-loss, compact inductors, while power applications might demand inductors capable of handling high currents.