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Intelligent Manufacturing

We are dedicated to providing customers with efficient and professional intelligent manufacturing solutions.

 Advanced Automated Equipment, And Intelligent Manufacturing Platforms

Minintel specializes in delivering customized automated production solutions that meet the unique requirements of its clients. Committed to its founding vision of high-end manufacturing excellence, the company has consistently focused on advancing its core capabilities in intelligent manufacturing. By streamlining manufacturing costs, upholding superior product quality, and ensuring punctual deliveries, Minintel reinforces its market leadership and competitive advantage.

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●   Non-standard Automated Equipment: Custom-designed automation solutions including punching, laser engraving, dispensing, welding, automatic barcode labeling, automatic PCB separation machines, logo inspection, Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

●   Automatic Assembly Lines: Streamlined production lines for component assembly.
●   Automatic Comprehensive Test Lines: Integrated testing stations for comprehensive product evaluation.
●   Automatic Aging Test Lines: Dedicated facilities for long-term reliability testing.
●   Automatic Packaging Lines: End-to-end packaging solutions from product handling to final packaging.

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PCBA Engineering Capabilities

To meet customer demands, we offer increasingly sophisticated PCBA  manufacturing solutions for products with smaller packages, varying sizes, and complex structures.

●   Precision Placement: Capable of handling ultra-small components from 0804 to 01005, fine-pitch BGAs, Flipchips, and more.
●   Complex Assemblies: PoP (Package-on-Package), BoB (Board-on-Board), SIP (System-in-Package), etc.
●   Production and Repair of Oversized Substrates.
●   Extensive Adhesive and Coating Capabilities: Underfill, Conformal Coating, Potting, among others.
●   Comprehensive Testing: SPI (Solder Paste Inspection), AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), X-Ray, ICT (In-Circuit Test), FCT (Functional Circuit Test), etc.
●   Fully Automated PCBA Production Lines.
●   Robust Process Control and Traceability Systems throughout the entire manufacturing flow.

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Manufacturing Environment Control Technology

Our robust research and development center for manufacturing environment technology, coupled with our engineering team, has accumulated extensive experience in areas such as anti-static technology, stress-strain control technology, clean production technology, and sterile production technology. We are capable of providing comprehensive solutions based on the characteristics and technical requirements of the products.

 Manufacturing Process Technology

Minintel has extensive experience in welding processes, cleaning processes, and uniform coating processes. Based on the specific characteristics of the manufacturing process, we provide quality assessments, risk identification, and optimization plans to achieve optimal process implementation and control. 

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Welding Process Technology

  We possess complete PCBA-level and whole machine-level assembly and manufacturing capabilities, along with mature technical solutions for the following special welding applications:

●   Low-temperature Welding Technology: Provides solutions for the welding assembly of heat-sensitive components, fingerprint modules, LEDs, and components prone to thermal warping.
●   Local Area Reflow Welding Technology: Achieves localized welding in extremely small areas with high speed and good reliability. This technology has been extensively used in hard disk component products.

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Cleaning Process Technology

Industry-leading precision cleaning process technology (including DI water cleaning technology, solvent cleaning technology, ultrasonic cleaning technology, etc.), can provide precision cleaning process solutions for materials, packaging boxes, process boxes, semi-finished or finished products, etc.

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Uniform Coating Process Technology

  In the field of uniform coating process technology, we offer an all-inclusive solution that includes: material selection evaluation, performance certification, formulation of technical requirements, process selection, resolution of process issues such as bubbles, scatter points, and excess glue, and formulation of repair processes, covering the entire workflow to ensure high product reliability requirements.