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FR-4|Advanced PCB

PCB sampling and mass production services from 1 to 42 layers. We use real A-grade plates, adhere to the factory's self-operated production model, and ensure the reliability and stability of quality. Brand new high-rise dedicated production line, the circuit soldering prevention adopts advanced production equipment in the industry such as LDI, VCP pulse plating, etc., uses famous brand plates, precise impedance detection instruments, and provides high-definition characters, high-quality inspection standards, high-end packaging and transportation services.

Multi-Layers(Partial Technology Capability)
Layer count 1~42L
Core thickness(Exclude copper) 50um
Min mechanical hole size 100um
Inner outter layer registration Mini pad Dia. DHS+6mil
Min. S/M dam 50um
Min. S/M opening size 4mil
Via Covering Epoxy Filled & Untented, Epoxy Filled & Capped,Copper paste Filled & Capped
Solder mask color Color.png
Solder mask ink thickness ≧10um
Depth-Controlled routing tolerance ±0.05mm
Minimum Legend Width 6mil(0.15mm)
Surface Finish




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