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Firstly, What is UL Certification?
UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories Inc., abbreviated from the English name of the Underwriters' Laboratories. UL Safety Laboratory is the most authoritative in the United States and one of the largest private organizations globally dedicated to safety testing and certification. It is an independent, non-profit professional institution committed to public safety testing. UL employs scientific testing methods to study and determine whether various materials, devices, products, equipment, buildings, etc., pose any hazards to life and property, and to what extent; it determines, writes, and publishes corresponding standards and information that helps reduce and prevent losses that could affect life and property. Additionally, UL conducts factual research services.
In essence, it primarily engages in product safety certification and operational safety verification business, aiming to ensure that the market obtains goods with a certain level of safety, thereby contributing to the health and safety of people and property. Regarding product safety certification as an effective means to eliminate technical barriers to international trade, UL also plays a positive role in promoting the development of international trade.                                                                                                                                       

Founded in 1894, UL initially relied on funding from fire insurance departments to maintain operations until it became completely self-sufficient in 1916. After nearly a century of development, UL has become a world-renowned certification body with its own strict organizational management system, standard development, and product certification procedures. UL is managed by a council composed of representatives from safety experts, government officials, consumers, educators, utilities, insurers, and standard departments. Daily operations are handled by the president and vice-president. Currently, UL has five laboratories in the United States, with headquarters located in Northbrook, north of Chicago. It also has established corresponding laboratories in Taiwan and Hong Kong. In the U.S., for consumers, UL is synonymous with the symbol of safety. Globally, UL is one of the most trusted qualified assessment providers among manufacturers.  

Secondly, UL Certification Mark

The UL mark is typically affixed to products and/or their packaging, indicating that the product has passed UL certification and meets safety standard requirements.                                                                                                                                                                                       
Thirdly, Scope of UL Certification

Any electronic, electrical, mechanical, or electro-mechanical product bearing the UL mark signifies that this product has met the minimum requirements of widely recognized U.S. and Canadian product safety standards. It indicates that the product has been tested to comply with relevant safety standards, and it also represents the manufacturer's agreement to undergo strict regular inspections to ensure product quality consistency. Such products can be sold in both the U.S. and Canadian markets.