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Rogers high-frequency board

Partial PCB Process Parameters
Base Material Rogers
Maximum Dimensions 590mm*438mm
Layers 1Layer, 2Layers
PCB Thickness 0.5mm~1.6mm
PCB Color Color.png
Silkscreen 黑白.png
Material Type RO4350B(Dk=3.48,Df=0.0037)   [Data Sheet]
Surface Finish ENIG
Gold Thickness 1μ'', 2μ''
Outer Copper Weight 1oz
Via Covering Tented, Untented, Plugged,  Epoxy Filled & Capped,  Copper Paste Filled & Capped
Test AOI, Flying Probe Test

    Rogers high-frequency boards are specialized electrical circuit boards with high electromagnetic frequencies, specifically designed for PCB applications in the high-frequency (frequencies greater than 1GHz) and microwave (frequencies greater than 3GHz) domains.

    Technical Features:

    High-frequency characteristics: Rogers high-frequency boards possess features such as low dielectric constant, low loss tangent, and low dielectric loss, which enable them to deliver excellent performance in high-frequency signal transmission.

    Low loss: They effectively reduce energy loss during signal transmission, improving signal quality.

    Excellent electromagnetic compatibility: They can effectively suppress electromagnetic interference, enabling electronic devices to operate more stably in high-frequency environments.

    High reliability: With excellent mechanical and thermal conductivity properties, they can withstand high mechanical stress and extend the service life of electronic devices.

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