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Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Boards

We are a professional flexible PCB&rigid-flex PCB manufacturer with guaranteed quality and fast lead time, cooperating with worldwide customers for over 15 years in China.


Partial PCB Process Parameters
Base Material:  FPC flexible board
Number of layers:  1 layer, 2 layers, 4 layers, 6 layers, 8 layers
PCB Thickness: 0.11mm~0.2mm
Outer Copper Weight: 1/3 oz
Copper Type:  Electro-deposited
Coverlay color:  白黑黄.png
Coverlay Thickness:  PI: 12.5μm, AD: 15μm
Silkscreen:  白黑.png
Stiffener:   Polyimide, FR4, Stainless Steel, 3M Tape
EMI Shielding Film:  Single side(Black,18um),  Both sides(Black,18um)
Surface Finish:  ENIG
Gold Thickness:  1μ'', 2μ''
Cutting Method: Laser Cutting

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    Material Specification:

    PI (Polyimide): A film commonly used as the substrate in FPCs due to its excellent heat resistance, electrical properties, and mechanical strength.
    FR4: A common rigid PCB material used in the stiffener sections of FPCs, such as reinforcement areas, to increase local rigidity and stability.
    Steel Reinforcement: Metal sheets added to specific areas of an FPC, such as beneath connectors, to enhance strength and prevent deformation or breakage over long-term use.
    Double-Sided Tape: Used to bond FPCs to other components, ensuring fixation and stability within devices.
    Electromagnetic Shielding Film: Utilized to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and protect sensitive circuits from external electromagnetic fields.


    Single or Double-Sided Panels: FPCs can be single-layer or double-layered, with the structure chosen based on design requirements.
    Adhesive-Free Substrate: In high-performance applications, FPCs may use adhesive-free materials to avoid signal attenuation or reliability issues caused by adhesive layers.
     Electroless Gold Plating Process: Surface treatment using electroless gold plating can improve conductivity and corrosion resistance while enhancing solderability.

    FPC is a type of circuit board that can be bent, folded, and rolled, making it particularly suitable for electronic products with limited space or moving parts.Due to their unique flexibility and design versatility, FPCs find extensive application in consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive electronics, aerospace, and many other industries.


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