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Flexible PCB

Flexible circuit boards, also known as "flexible boards," are printed circuits made from flexible insulating substrates. Flexible circuits offer excellent electrical performance, meeting the design requirements for smaller size and higher density installation, while also contributing to reduced assembly processes and enhanced reliability. Flexible circuit boards are the only solution to meet the miniaturization and mobility requirements of electronic products.

They can be freely bent, rolled, and folded, capable of withstanding millions of dynamic bends without damaging the conductors. They can be arranged according to spatial layout requirements and move and stretch in three-dimensional space at will, achieving the integration of component assembly and wire connection. Flexible circuit boards can significantly reduce the volume and weight of electronic products, catering to the needs of electronics moving towards higher density, miniaturization, and higher reliability.

Flexible PCB Capabilities

No. Item Process Capability Patameter
1 PCB Type Flexible PCB
2 Quality Grade Standard IPC 2
3 Material  PI, PET
4 Number of Layers  1 Layer, 2 Layers, 4 Layers, 6 Layers, 8 Layers 
5 Max PCB Size 
Board Size Tolerance   (Outline) 
7 FPC Thickness 0.08~0.4mm+
8 TPC Thickness Tolerance
FPC Thickness≤0.3mm: ±0.03mm                
FPC Thickness>0.3mm: ±10%~15% 
9 Types of Copper Foil  Rolled Copper Foil/Electrode Posited Copper 
10 Copper Thickness 0.5oz, 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz 
11 Min Tracing/Spacing ≥2mil
12 Grid line Tracing/Spacing
13 Soldering Pad Diameter ≥0.3mm
14 Lead Time 5-7 days
15 Coverlay Yellow, White, Black, None 
16 Coverlay Opening Size ≥0.6mm*0.6mm 
17 Min Spacing Colverlay to Soldering Pad  ≥0.15mm 
18 Soldermask Color Green and others
19 Soldermask Bridge
Green: ≥0.1mm                
Others: ≥0.15mm
Min Width of Soldermask and Soldering  Pad   
Green: ≥0.08mm                
Others: ≥0.2mm 
21 Silkscreen White, Black, None 
22 Minimum Character Width (Legend)  ≥0.8mm
23 Minimum Character Height (Legend)  ≥0.8mm
Min Spacing from Silkscreen to Soldering Pad            
25 Surface Finish ENIG, OSP, Immersion Tin, Chemical Silver
26 Impedance Control  Single-ended 50Ω, Differential Pairs100Ω, Tolerance ±10% 
27 Stiffener Material  PI, FR-4, Aluminum, Steel, Copper 
28 Stiffener Thickness  0.1~0.5mm
29 Edge Rail Width ≥10mm
30 Other Options 3M Tape, EMI Shielding Film 
31 Certification ISO9001, RoHS  

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