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Testing and Analysis

A professional, efficient, and global one-stop service provider for testing, analysis, and technology R&D services.

          Professional Testing and Analysis
Minintel operates a specialized laboratory in Shenzhen, China, covering professional fields including mechanics, material analysis, simulation analysis, reliability and failure analysis, cleanliness control, and electrostatic control.

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Industry-Leading Testing and Analysis Technology

We focus on material analysis and testing, SMT defect diagnosis and solutions, data collection and analysis for production process control, innovation and improvement of production processes, and product reliability testing and assessment. We are at the industry's forefront in areas such as ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) control, micro-contamination control and overall clean production solutions, mechanical vibration and resonance testing and analysis, stress-strain testing and analysis, and SMT defect diagnosis.

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Comprehensive Testing and Analysis Capabilities

Our team of experienced specialists in professional testing, analysis, and technical solutions have extensive expertise in areas such as failure analysis, analysis of electronic product manufacturing processes, electrical performance testing and analysis, material testing and analysis, mechanical and physical analysis, and reliability analysis. We are capable of providing one-stop services for testing, evaluation, and improvement solutions.

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System-Level Failure Analysis Technology

A powerful failure analysis team is capable of analyzing the failure mechanism of product weak links in-depth and multi-dimensionally. The covered physical processes of failure analysis include mechanics, electronics, thermal, materials, and chemistry, providing customers with a full suite of system-level, PCBA solder interconnect level, and component-level failure analysis services.

● Comprehensive and Advanced Analytical Equipment
● Rich experience in multi-product and multi-failure mode analysis
● Rapid and Efficient Response
● Engineering and Technical Personnel with Multi-Disciplinary Backgrounds

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Analysis of Electronic Product Manufacturing Processes

We provide inspection services such as visual inspection, X-ray + CT detection, C-SAM, and solder joint slicing, to inspect the quality of the entire manufacturing process from raw materials to PCBA.

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Electrical Performance Testing and Analysis

Through professional equipment, we check signal integrity and electrical performance parameters of components.

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Material Testing and Analysis

We focus on various testing and analysis of electronic product materials, including performance analysis, compositional analysis, surface morphology, and elemental analysis of polymers, metals, and energy storage materials; as well as testing for hazardous substances in materials.

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Mature Image Recognition Technology

We possess mature image recognition technology, providing the core technical modules required for the development of product testing and inspection technologies or testing equipment.
● Barcode/Label Quality Inspection Technology
● Video Pattern Quality Inspection Technology
● PCBA Component Optical Inspection Technology

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Routine Testing
● X-Ray
AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)
● SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) 

Testing Development

● Flying Probe Test               ●  DFT (Design For Test)
● FCT (Final Circuit Test)     ● ICT (In-Circuit Test)
● Wireless Testing                 ● Boundary Scan
● Optical Inspection             ● RF (Radio Frequency) Testing