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PCB Assembly process
At Minintel, adhering to the principle of combining precision with efficiency, we meticulously craft your PCBA projects. For only the smallest volume production tasks, we opt for manual assembly complemented by visual inspections, ensuring every detail meets the highest standards. For larger-scale projects, we rely on state-of-the-art automated machinery to achieve efficient and stable assembly processes.

Our soldering processes strictly follow Class 1 standards, meeting basic electronic assembly needs; simultaneously, we offer higher Class 2 and Class 3 standards for applications demanding superior quality and reliability. Regardless of your project's requirements, we provide corresponding solutions to ensure soldering quality reaches industry-leading levels.

Understanding that time is money, Minintel utilizes automated machinery to swiftly and accurately solder components onto your PCBs, leveraging your provided pick-and-place CAD data throughout the process to guarantee precise positioning and orientation of each component. To further enhance product quality and production efficiency, we employ Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) technology—a proven reliable method for effectively detecting various potential errors on PCBs, such as misalignments, missing components, or poor soldering, ensuring flawless boards.

In summary, Minintel is dedicated to delivering high-quality, high-efficiency PCB assembly services through automation and professional craftsmanship, ensuring every step of transforming your electronic products from design blueprints to reality is handled with meticulous care and stringent control. 

PCB Assembly process

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