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Automated X-ray Inspection

AXI, which stands for Automated X-ray Inspection, plays a critical role in the Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) industry, primarily used to inspect and verify the internal structure and soldering quality of circuit boards. Here are some specific applications of AXI in PCBA:

  1. Solder Joint Inspection: AXI can penetrate the surface of PCBs to check for voids, cracks, bridging, insufficient or excessive solder within solder joints. Since X-rays can penetrate metal, they can inspect solder joints even under multilayer boards or Ball Grid Array (BGA) packages, something that Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) cannot achieve.

  2. Component Inspection: AXI can check if components are correctly placed, including their position, orientation, and height. It can also detect missing components, extra components, or incorrect component types.

  3. Foreign Object Detection: AXI can detect any substances that should not be present on the circuit board, such as residual flux, dust, foreign objects, or other contaminants.

  4. Connectivity Verification: For hidden or internal connections, AXI can verify the connectivity between wires, vias, and planes, ensuring no open circuits or short circuits exist.

  5. Structural Integrity: AXI can check for layer alignment, delamination, cracks, or other structural issues in PCBs, ensuring integrity and reliability.

  6. Statistical Process Control (SPC): Data generated by AXI can be used for statistical process control, helping manufacturers identify and resolve potential quality issues and optimize production processes.

  7. Failure Analysis: When PCBA fails, AXI can be used for non-destructive failure analysis to help determine the root cause of problems.

  8. Batch Inspection: AXI systems can rapidly inspect large quantities of PCBA, enhancing production efficiency and quality control.

  9. Quality Assurance: As a final inspection method, AXI ensures that every PCBA meets stringent quality standards, reducing returns and warranty issues.

  10. Design Validation: During the new product development phase, AXI can help validate design feasibility, checking for design flaws or issues in the manufacturing process.

In summary, AXI technology plays an essential role in PCBA production, not only increasing the accuracy and reliability of inspections but also significantly improving production efficiency and product quality. As electronic products become increasingly complex and sophisticated, the importance of AXI continues to grow.