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Minintel Technology Co., Limited

Minintel Technology Co., Limited was established in Zhongwu Industrial Park, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China in 2007. After nearly two decades of development and accumulation, the company's PCB business has achieved the production capacity of "high multi-layer, high precision, high reliability, and various types", with the maximum number of layers reaching 42. It covers various board types such as FR-4 rigid boards, FPCs, rigid-flex boards, HDI PCBs, high-precision multilayer PCBs, high-frequency boards, thermoelectric separation copper substrates, aluminum substrates, and so on.

The company provides multi-dimensional production modes such as PCB, PCBA sampling, small-batch, and large-batch production, as well as technologies and services such as steel mesh/fixtures. It has established a complete PCB intelligent manufacturing system, creating solutions for the electronics and machinery industries with excellent technological capabilities, building an intelligent industrial ecosystem, and widely applying its products to computers, aerospace, automotive electronics, new energy (wind power, photovoltaic), big data centers, industrial interconnection, medical instruments, industrial control, and other fields, helping various industries achieve technological innovation.

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